Friday, December 26, 2008

And the winner is....

With all the busyness of Christmas, I forgot to post the winner of my "Guess What's On My Treetop" contest. If you look carefully at my open house photos, you will see that I have nothing on my treetop! We tried to put the tree top decoration on, but it looked awful because the tree stem was so long and thick. Not daring to try and trim it back, since we had already decorated the whole thing, we just left it without a treetop decoration. I could just see hubby trying to cut off the top of the tree and the whole thing getting knocked over!

So, the winner of the random drawing is........Theresa! Congratulations to you. I'll be sending you a goodie package in the next couple days. Thanks to all who played. Happy New Year to you all!


Aunt T said...

OMGoodness - thanks so much for picking me :) Your tree looks beautiful without anything on top. We haven't put a tree topper on our tree for several years as they are always too heavy.

Thanks - you made my day!


Cindi said...

woo hoo!!
congrats cool for you!

Mrs. Fence said...

You are most welcome! Thanks for playing!