Friday, December 19, 2008

Hot Cocoa

Today's gift making adventure was easy. Well, except for the part where I messed up the recipe...but it still came out yummy! I made up these little bags of hot cocoa mix for all our nieces and nephews. I found the cute bags at a local shop called CAKES BY JAN, filled them with cocoa mix and tied on a candy cane. Too easy!!! Tomorrow I'll bake cookies and each child will get a bag of cookies and a bag of cocoa.

Here is the recipe for Sherri's Famous Hot Cocoa Mix:

16 oz Nestle Quik
16oz Cremora
16 oz bag Confectioner's Sugar 10x
25.6 oz box Powdered Milk

Mix all together. Add 3-4 Tablespoons mix to 8oz boiling water.


christie said...

I love your packing!! This is really cute!! I should of done mine this way. I did mine in buckets and tied a candycane to the handle.

Mrs. Fence said...

Christie, thanks! The bags were only 13 cents each and I had the ribbon and candy canes! I loved your too!

Far North said...

I think it is terrific to make your presents!! For years that is what my family did and I see enjoy many wonderful handcrafted pieces. Darling presentation of the hot cocoa...the kids will love it! And indeed it is my favorite cocoa recipe!

Caleb said...

Cute bags. I think I'm taking every one of your ideas for my gifts this year. I have been trying to make lots of stuff too. So, I am always a few steps behind you...These bags would be cute in stockings.

Caleb said...

oops---my ds is visitng and he is logged onto the, it says Caleb but it is really me, Shadoob/cheryl.

flipflops4sherri said...

I love you packaged everything up. How cute! Do you know I did not give any hot cocoa as gifts this year? I am hogging to myself! LOL Merry Christmas Tracey! Sherri