Thursday, December 18, 2008

Poll Contest

I just decided this morning to add a poll question to my blog, and I thought it might be fun to do it as a contest. I will take guesses as to what tree topper I have on my tree until Christmas Morning. I'll do the "Big Reveal" later that day. I'll randomly choose a winner from all correct guesses. There will be a small prize, just not sure yet what that prize will be. Thanks for playing! Oh, I almost forgot, please leave a comment telling me what your guess is with your Shack name in the comment section of this post, otherwise, I won't know who guessed what!
Merry Christmas!!


Cindi said...

I voted for a star..before
I saw the choices my guess would have been a birdhouse. hey, is that one of my muscle shell santas on your tree? cool!

christie said...

I say Angel. I wanted to say star really bad but something told me to say angel!

Tami B. said...

I'm guessing an angel, but I really don't know. Such pretty ornaments. (teabear)

Mrs. Fence said...

Yes, Cindi, that is one of your Santa Seashell Ornaments!

Aunt T said...

I'm guessing a moose?


Loobylou said...

I voted for an Angel. We had one on the tree when I was growing up. Now I have a star.
Sarah / loobylou

shadoob said...

At first I voted for an angel and now I am wavering...wanting to say a star...but, then I could see you really having an angel and you'd say "see, Cheryl, you should go with your first instinct...oh, the difficult challenges of life.....jk....I still say an angel...~Cheryl

pescbrico said...

My bet is for an angel too :) But maybe it's because that's what I put on top of mine! :)
Have a great day!

Aunt T said...

Duh - I'm such an airhead! I revised my guess and think that you are like me and have nothing on top of your tree :)



LINDA said...

I voted nothing.

Far North said...

I voted for a star...seems like you would need a star.
Far North